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Cumulus Capital
Proven Value Investing Strategies for Patient non-professionals to invest in the Long-Term.

Cumulus Capital Management

Don't know much about investing? Don't know where to start with your financial literacy? Do you want an easy set it and forget strategy that beats the market long-term?

You came to the right place!

Cumulus proposes 3 proven easy-to-follow strategies for everyone who wants to invest with little to no effort, and still beat the market!

Just follow the instructions, it's all FREE!

Note that these strategies are for the long-term investors who can have their investments stashed for 5 years or more

Important reminder: Only always invest money you can afford to lose

Important reminder 2: We are not financial advisors and all the information on this Website is for General Information Only. Please refer to the full disclaimer here

Three strategies

  1. Magic Formula
  2. The Acquirer's Multiple
  3. Market Dollar-Cost Averaging
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